Curl Defining Gelato



Indulge in the opulent embrace of our Curl Defining Gelato, meticulously crafted to elevate your coily and kinky curl patterns to new heights of beauty. This sumptuous, thick gelato is not just a styling product—it's a lavish experience that guarantees enduring, hydrated, and exquisitely defined curls.

Immerse your tresses in the lap of luxury as this decadent formula, enriched with the finest ingredients, creates a masterpiece of curl definition. Luxuriate in the sensation of Aloe and Honey, meticulously infused to cocoon your hair in moisture and protection. Each application is a ritual of self-care, ensuring that your curly mane is not only styled but deeply nourished, leaving a trail of elegance wherever you go.

For the ultimate curl synergy, pair our Curl Defining Gelato with our exquisite Curl Defining Mousse. This dynamic duo doesn't just style— it transforms your hair into a canvas of softness and hydration. Let the rich blend of these products envelop your curls, enhancing their natural beauty and leaving them irresistibly touchable.

Embark on a journey where your curls are not just styled; they are adorned with the richness of premium formulations. Elevate your hair care routine to an art form, where every curl is a stroke of luxury, and every day is an poem to the beauty of your unique texture.

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Blakeney
I love the hair products so much

I love the hair products so much, they will be my go to for wearing my natural curl pattern especially with my wash and go's! By using Curtis' method of application I was able to realize some areas of my hair (mostly crown) where I need to tend to a bit more. I think because my hair is so thick I got lazy over the years when it comes to some hair routines and maintenance. Since Hyper Hydration works best when handling small sections at a time I realized my hair would do better if I took my time during the washing and conditioning process as well and handle in sections. I learned so much about my hair and what it needs using this product. Instead of dreading wash day I'm finally looking forward to the future of my hair!

Great Products

The gelato/mouse products were great! It was light, smelled really nice and gave me really nice results on my finger coil style. It did not feel sticky like many products do. I will continue to use it on my natural 4c hair and share the experience and order link with friends.

Rhalonda Johnson

I would recommend this product to all who has kinky hair. This product helps your curl pop out really nicely. It takes time and patience to get the results you're looking for but it's worth it. ♥️

Christy Witherspoon

I loved your packaging it was very nice! The product scent is awesome. The products didn't blow me away.. they performed about the same as most gels and mousse goes.. no sticky or tacky residue..!

Felicia Blanton

I received my products very quickly. The packaging of the products were very nice. I loved the feel of the Gelato and the consistency of the Gelato. I didn't have to use a lot of product to achieve my wash and go. I had definition on the first two days. The products did not build up on my hair and wash easy to wash out.